This article from Slate has popped up in my Facebook feed repeatedly, and I wonder what you all think? "Inside the Box: People Don't Actually Like Creativity" Author Jessica Ollen writes,"Even people who say they are looking for creativity react negatively to creative ideas."  She describes tech start-ups and educators, among others, who fail to recognize creative ideas.  In the LIS field, we see a similar problem. This is evident in the numerous research databases that simply mimic one another. These tools are primarily search-based, providing long lists of articles.

I'd like to imagine an electronic browsing experience for someone reading this Slate article, prompting you to read and consider several things in parallel, at various depths, allowing you to explore and reflect on your path:




Kate Joranson

Business Reference Librarian, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh Kate Joranson studied art at the University of Wisconsin, earned her MFA at Ohio State University, and an MLIS at the University of Pittsburgh. As both a librarian and an artist, she enjoys the accidental nature of looking for one thing, and finding something else. As a blogger, she cultivates collisions and connections among seemingly disparate interests. Snow drifts, messy kitchens, market research, and pink scaffolding are all topics you may encounter on her blog, where she explores search engines as a medium. Also: small business owner, gardener, knitter.