Ebrowsing: Adaptation and Advocacy

As we have described in the past, many people express frustration with search-only discovery systems. They express these frustrations in a variety of ways, and as librarians we can listen carefully and help to articulate these needs. In doing so we expose the gaps that exist between the tools that people long for, and what exists. If we reflect on how people adapt, and how we ourselves adapt, we have a valuable set of insights that can help to shape discovery tools and environments.

Prompting discussions, and gathering these insights are our primary goals for this ebrowsing project. We may not post here frequently, but we are working on building these discussions in a variety of ways in our professional organizations and university communities. We see this site as a place to share project updates, and to periodically reflect on the current environment. We would love to hear from you. Please let us know your thoughts, concerns, and critique.


Kate Joranson

Business Reference Librarian, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh Kate Joranson studied art at the University of Wisconsin, earned her MFA at Ohio State University, and an MLIS at the University of Pittsburgh. As both a librarian and an artist, she enjoys the accidental nature of looking for one thing, and finding something else. As a blogger, she cultivates collisions and connections among seemingly disparate interests. Snow drifts, messy kitchens, market research, and pink scaffolding are all topics you may encounter on her blog, where she explores search engines as a medium. Also: small business owner, gardener, knitter.