Think Like Clouds. 2014 Hans Ulrich Obrist

You must spend some time with this collection of drawings, notes, and diagrams of curator Hans Ulrich Obrist. We see visual evidence of his thinking while planning exhibitions and meeting with significant cultural figures and artists. It is great fun to sit with such active curiosities laid out on paper.


Common as Air: Revolution, Art, and Ownership. 2010. Lewis Hyde.

Hyde examines the origins of our beliefs about creative thought, invention, and authorship. He offers clear, documented examples of knowledge sharing traditions and disruptions from 18th Century communities of scientists, Benjamin Franklin, the US Automobile industry, as well as artists and musicians such as John Cage and Bob Dylan. 


Avian Architecture: How Birds Design, Engineer & Build. 2011. Peter Goodfellow

I’m enjoying the amazing photos and blueprints of platform nests, domed nests, hanging, woven, and stitched nests. As I learn more about these highly varied approaches to engineering, I find myself wondering about how we visualize paths and connections among ideas, authors, keywords, etc.  Take a look at the nests built by sociable weavers.